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MSC is committed to ensure the visitor has a visually REWARDING experience and EFFORTLESS user interface.

Visitors Schematic

No registration is required to purchase or download images

Contact members directly on social media, email and online

Dedicated International Wedding Photographer Directory

There are NO controversial credits required to buy images on MyStockCollection!

Buyers can purchase ROYALTY-FREE images without restrictions directly from the seller

Buyers can pay the seller DIRECTLY using the MSC payment gateway and download INSTANTLY

MSC takes NO COMMISSION from the seller, so this saving is indirectly passed onto the buyer

Buyers can contact the seller and negotiate directly for the purchase of images with an EXTENDED LICENSE AGREEMENT


As a default, images are set at 1$ for small 3$ for medium and 8$ for large.

However, members on MSC are free to set their own image prices.

MSC advocates members to offer as many images as possible for FREE. Each free image has a donation option where a donation can be given to the image owner or a partner charity.


Visitors can provide their email address at the time of download to receive a copy of the image’s sales data. The invoice includes all the relevant terms & conditions of the image at the time of download, and includes a coupon code that can be used to redownload the image.


If you are not satisfied with an image on the site, you can use the anonymous flagging option – this feedback not only assists the website in hosting good quality images, but also helps the owners improve their work.

Quality checker

Visitors are encouraged to make use of the quality checker which randomly selects images from the stock database and displays them in a random sequence for review. The user has the option to either select “KEEP” or “DELETE” for each displayed image. The feedback is merely a suggestion to the image owner and is non-punitive.

Search Results

To optimize the user experience, the best and most popular images will be shown first, using the unique MSC algorithm. This algorithm employs recorded user interaction data to evaluate the top-ranked images that are relevant to the search.

Photo boosted images are images manually “boosted” to the top of the search rankings by the image owner.

User Ratings

There are three different types of user ratings:

Rate an individual image

Rate a member on their overall profile

Rate the seller on the quality of an image after purchasing/downloading