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Members are in COMPLETE ABSOLUTE  control of their own image pricing

MyStockCollection offers members default pricing for images in a SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE format. These prices can easily be changed and updated at any time with a very user friendly pricing interface.

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EDIT your image pricing at any time

In line with the community spirit, MSC strongly encourages members to offer as many images as possible for FREE. This increases exposure, can be edited at anytime if downloads increase or if pricing preferences change.


The standard licensing option on MSC is STOCK ROYALTY FREE with copyright retained by the owner. Sales are processed using the MSC shopping cart with proceeds passed on to the member via PayPal. There is NO COMMISSION payable on MSC.

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Images can be offered for FREE which will allow instant download of the image. The watermark will be removed and a full invoice generated. The owner still retains the copyright. A donation option is available for free images.

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Image licensing is extremely complex. If any other licensing option is required by the seller other than Royalty Free, EXTENDED LICENSE AGREEMENT is selected by the seller. This allows direct contact with the owner to complete further negotiations related to the sale of the image.

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There is NO COMMISION payable on MSC

Even though there is no commission payable on MSC, merchant fees do apply to facilitate any image sales transactions. These fees are unavoidable and are not related to MSC in any way but are fees imposed by partner financial institutions.