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MCS offers its members an Ultimate Image Showcase with the simplest user interface possible, at a price more affordable than an independent website. The member is empowered with a self- managed account and is the controlling entity at all times!

Our COMMUNITY overview

All images, within reason and adhering to the website’s guidelines, will be accepted. There is no pre-screening or pre-selection – image quality is managed by members and visitors alike, through the Flagging option and the Quality checker.

A special wedding showcase is available for dedicated wedding photographers to showcase their Wedding Photos and Business/Personal profile based on their region of operation. A comprehensive three tier search platform ensures an enhanced user experience for those searching wedding photographers by region.

Artists are also welcome and a special search option is included for artists to post their vector, fine art and graphic design images. Graphic art is the preferred artistic medium to be showcased for download purposes but any art can be showcased when using the extended licenses agreement option which gives the user the opportunity to contact the seller directly for sales negotiations.

How it WORKS

Anyone wishing to showcase or sell their images on MSC has to register and become a member. Registration is NOT required by visitors who only wish to view and purchase or download images.


Sign Up

Sign up using
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Complete sign up verification and complete
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Complete your
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Setup your images with metadata / description and relevant licensing options


and Market

Use the multiple interfaces to showcase, share and market
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Points to CONSIDER

1. For stock image accounts, only upload your own images, and ensure that they are NOT watermarked – They will be watermarked for you. The wedding directory DOES accept personal watermarked images because wedding images are not available for download but are for showcasing only.

2. MSC is merely a platform, and takes no responsibility for images showcased on the website. Please use your common sense and be self-critical when selecting and evaluating your own photos. Take the time to view traditional stock websites to see how your images compare.

Substandard images undermine the integrity of the site and serve as a disservice to your fellow members.

3. Spend time correctly setting up your images, taking special care with pricing and tagging. It will be well worth the effort and only has to be done once! Stock accounts require a minimum of three mandatory setup parameters to be completed.ie Tagging, Image title and auctioning any image flags. Wedding accounts require a minimum of an Image description, Image title and photographers name. Failure to comply with the setup of these minimum items will not allow your image to be indexed or displayed.

4. Group your images in albums with similar content. When your images are displayed, other similar images from the same album will be displayed for the visitor in a thumbnail strip, along with the primary image. It is suggested that each album does not contain more than 50-80 images. This ensures optimized performance and visitor engagement.

5. Although MSC offers a default pricing structure, members are free to determine the price of their own images which can be edited at any time. Offering FREE images is encouraged!

6. All sales on MSC are facilitated by the MSC shopping cart sales interface. PayPal is the preferred MSC payment partner and all sales revenue will be paid out to the member using PayPal. Please note PayPal merchant fees are applicable for every sale but


What we are ALL ABOUT

MyStockCollection is not just a PHOTO ART IMAGE  stock and WEDDING SHOWCASE website.

We are an informative and interactive community based image and sales showcase platform. We encourage our members to become better photographers and artists by offering a range of helpful features:

  • Comments section
  • User Voting Platform
  • Talent Reward Program
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • Tools & Tips section
  • Social Network & Forum

Independent and personal photo websites are very often lost in the vastness of the web. MSC affords better exposure because our members collectively pool their resources as a community, and benefit from superior search engine optimization which forges awareness through collective collaboration.

MSC encourages members to actively advertise and promote the website and their own portfolios through social media and word-of-mouth recommendation. MSC also undertakes to commit resources and profits into development and advertising.

MSC pledges to protect your data to the best of our ability and have selected the safest and best hosting solutions available with dedicated physical servers hosted in Western Europe. MSC does not make use of cloud storage but owns its storage outright.

The SALES process

MyStockCollection has the simplest sales and payment process possible.

Buyers are not required to register to purchase images – they can instantly pay for and download your ROYALTY-FREE images. Images offered for FREE can also be instantly downloaded.

All downloads will include an email invoice sent to the image owner, capturing all the relevant sales data on the image display page at the time of download. This serves as proof of the downloaded image’s terms & conditions. The recipient of the image will also have the option to receive an invoice if required.

However, if you are selling an image with an EXTENDED LICENSE AGREEMENT, negotiations with the buyer will be done via email before the transaction can be completed as EXTENDED LICENSE AGREEMENT images can have complex licensing options which fall outside the scope of the websites licensing terms.

MSC will not record your transaction details in cases like this, as the sale will be completed outside the website interface Making money from stock image sales is becoming increasingly more challenging as the industry is saturated to capacity. Please be realistic with your expectations. MSC therefore encourages our members to be less concerned with the profit from images, and concentrate more on the showcase factor, learning experience and community interaction.


To optimize the user's experience, the best images will be returned first, using the unique MSC algorithm. The algorithm uses recorded user interaction criteria to evaluate the top ranked images that are relevant to the search.

The top ranked photos will appear first and the least ranked will appear last in the search results. Photos will be ranked by the amount of views, votes, shares, likes and downloads a photo has (this list is not exhaustive) so be pro-active by sharing and marketing your images

Members should use their social media influence to enhance their photos’ rankings and optimize their search result rankings.

Image PHOTO boost

The photo boost function is available to registered members to boost their images to the top of the search rankings. Photo Boost can be purchased during registration, is available for purchase from your member's admin panel or is awarded to stock account members for winning awards.

Photo Boosted Images appear first in the search results and last for a period of one calendar year from the time of being boosted.

Should more than one boosted image be returned in the same search, the oldest dated boosted image will appear first. Photo boosted images together with the WEEKLY AWARD WINNER will be displayed on the WALL of FAME.

Image FLAGGING & QUALITY control

The quality of stock images available on MSC are managed by peer review via the anonymous FLAGGING option and the QUALITY CHECKER.

Each flag you receive should be acknowledged as confirmation that you are aware of the flagging. Images can be flagged for several pre-determined reasons.

As a matter of courtesy to fellow members, all flags you receive should be acknowledged and actioned.

Non-members flagging will require the input of a security generated code to control abuse of this function.

Please take the flagging of your photos seriously. It's your community offering constructive criticism. Failure to action your flagged image undermines the integrity of the website and is a disservice to your fellow members. Flagged images will not be indexed or displayed to visitors until the flag is actioned and acknowledged.

The QUALITY CHECKER is a random image display selector that gives a visitor the opportunity to suggest to the image owner a KEEP or DELETE feedback response. Each image that gets randomly viewed by the quality checker will be stamped with a PASS or FAIL depending on the feedback received. The interface is 100% anonymous, non-punitive and is purely a guideline for the image owner on the quality of their image in the opinion of the visitors.

AWARDS program

MyStockCollection has a comprehensive and integrated rewards program.

WEEKLY winners are selected for different categories by incorporating data from all user interactions

Each winner will be awarded 25 photo boost points (valued at 25$) per win. (Wedding showcase excluded) An overall YEARLY winner will receive a variety of prizes.

IMAGE ratings

An IMAGE RATING interface is available to buyers to rate the seller on certain criteria related to the purchased image.

A MEMBERS PROFILE and IMAGE rating interface is also available for members and visitors.


The WALL of FAME is a high-exposure showcase page, and can be accessed via the header of the website. It is a past and present showcase of WEEKLY WINNERS, LATEST UPLOADS and the LASTEST BOOSTED images.

An invitation link to view this page is periodically sent to consenting members via email and social media platforms.


MyStockCollection offers an extensive range of social media tools which provides seamless Image and Portfolio sharing integration.

Since your images will be watermark protected when they are posted with a link back to the origional showcased image, you greatly reduce the risk of image theft on open social media platforms.

Actively promoting your profile and images via social media is strongly encouraged.

IMAGES SALES suggestions

Members are free to edit the price of their own images.

It is advisable to price your images lower at first, and increase the price if necessary should sales of the image increase.

When pricing your photos, view similar members’ photos and other stock websites as a comparison.

Most traditional stock websites advertise free images, but in reality, they offer very few free images, using the ‘FREE” slogan for advertising purposes only. MyStockCollection, in keeping with a solid community spirit, encourages members to offer as many images for FREE as possible.

PayPal is the official MSC payment gateway and all sales proceeds will be distributed via PayPal. Members accounts can still be activated without a valid PayPal account but no proceed distribution can be finalized until a valid PayPal is provided.

IMAGE setup

Each STOCK image you upload needs to be individually set up with its relevant sales, licensing and tagging data. Each uploaded WEDDING directory image needs an image description, image title and photographers name to be entered as a minimum in order for the image to be displayed for visitors.

We have provided several of these options as default for ease of use.

Below is a list of the most important SALES logic rules:

1. STANDARD SALES INTERFACE - Selecting this default option will unlock the standard image sales interface. You can edit the default prices offered by MSC at any time. The tagging box must be completed, an image title must be provided and all flags must be acknowledged in order for your image to be indexed by the search function algorithm.

2. FREE IMAGES - Selecting this option changes the image download button to a FREE button. Clicking on the FREE button will unlock the watermark and the image for download. A full invoice will still be provided.

A donate button will appear alongside the FREE button where a donation can be made to the member or a charity. Our chosen charity is PHOTOGRAPHERS WITHOUT BORDERS.

3. EXTENDED LICENSE AGREEMENT - Selecting this option will change the image DOWNLOAD button to a CONTACT button. This option is made available to members who wish to showcase and sell their images but have licensing requirements that fall outside the scope of a standard STOCK image Royalty-Free license.

The sale must be completed via email negotiations. No official invoice or sales record will be generated using this option, as the sale will take place outside the website sales interface.

When using the extended license agreement, please keep your response time up to date, taking special note when going on vacation etc.


Membership will allow access to the MSC community forum, where ideas, website matters and photography/creative interests are discussed.

The Community Social Network is a dedicated high exposure social networking platform where members can chat, connect, share and network.