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MyStockCollection.com is the ULTIMATE image sales and showcase platform

An equal platform for AMATEURS SEMI-PRO PROFESSIONALS  to join an inspired community


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Multimedia Update

MSC strives to be the most cost effective, user friendly and impressive Stock Image sales and showcase option available. We are committed to offer superior value and ease of use for sellers and buyers alike.

MSC is not motivated by profit, but prides its self in offering the average Photographer and Artist the opportunity to have their images indexed, rights protected and available for sale or offered for FREE. It also offers full social media integration, various levels of voting, comments, weekly category winners and so much more. The member is at all times the controlling entity in the process.

All suitable images, within reason and in line with the user guidelines are accepted. There is no pre-screening. Image quality on the website is managed by peer review by means of the flagging option and quality checker, MSC is a community based website with image quality managed by its members.

You determine the value of your own images and keep 100% of the revenue you generate.

MSC has developed a business model that is in line with current global trends to move away from large corporate dominance and empower the individual.

MSC has a dedicated wedding portfolio showcase which serves as an International Directory for wedding photographers. The showcase is a platform for wedding photographers to showcase their work based on their region of operation. At a glance the showcase offers a comparison of photographer's ability, style and services.

It's a perfect way for potential customers to find and compare wedding photographers in their region that perfectly suite their needs, and for photographers to compare their work to others operating in their area of operation.

MSC plans to create the largest and most comprehensive International Wedding Photographer Directory allowing members to showcase their work based on their region of operation.