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MSC does not collect any commission – all revenues go directly to the seller . The focus of this website is not profit, but opportunity, recognition, growth and development. MSC was developed to make stock images available as simply, honestly and cost-effectively as possible. MSC cuts out the middle man and gives amateurs, semi pro and professional photographers equal opportunity to showcase and sell their stock photos online. As a buyer, you have instant access to a vast variety of photographs, and no membership is required to purchase images. There is also a special dedicated wedding showcase in order to create a worldwide wedding photo directory showcase. MSC is a website for photographers and artists developed by photographers and artists.
All photographs and images within reason will be accepted. There is no pre-screening or pre-selection process.
Users and members make use of the flagging interface and the quality checker to manage the website content.
The website content is managed by the users and members. MSC is a platform and takes no responsibility for images showcased on the website. Please use your common sense and be self-critical when selecting and evaluating your own photos. Take the time to view traditional stock websites to see how your images compare. Substandard images undermine the integrity of the site and serve as a disservice to your fellow members.
The photographer or artist is at all times the controlling entity in the pricing process. They determine the value of their own images and keep 100% of the revenue they generate.
All images are watermark protected by MSC. We pledge to protect all your data to the best of our ability. The final responsibility however lies with the hosting company, and we have made every effort to select the safest and best available.



Anyone wishing to showcase or sell their photos or images on MSC has to register and become a member. Registration is NOT required by visitors who only wish to view and purchase images.
MSC welcomes amateurs, semi pro and professional photographers, who want to showcase and sell their stock photos with revenues going directly to the seller.Artists(vector, fine & graphic) and wedding photographers have a special interface to showcase their specialty.
There are free, paid and tailor-made options to ensure that everyone gets an equal chance to showcase their images.
Image quality is managed by the users of the website by means of the IMAGE FLAGGING INTERFACE and the QUALITY CHECKER. MSC admin does not monitor the quality of the images on the website.
There is no commission payable on MSC. The money you make is your own! Take note though that PayPal is the preferred MSC payment partner & all sales revenue will be paid out to the member using PayPal, so PayPal transaction fees will apply.
We encourage our members to be less concerned with the profit they can make from images, and concentrate more on the showcase factor, learning experience and community interaction.
When your images are displayed, other similar images from the same album will be displayed for the visitor in a thumbnail strip, along with the primary image. This is why it’s advisable to group your images in albums with similar content.
Members should use their social media influence to enhance their photos’ rankings and optimize their search result rankings. The top-ranked photos will appear first and the least ranked will appear last in the search results. Photos will be ranked by the amount of views, votes, shares, likes and downloads a photo has (this list is not exhaustive) so be pro-active by sharing and marketing your images. That way, you also draw attention to MyStockCollection.com and the showcase we provide. It’s a win-win situation.
Members can use the photo boost function to boost images to the top of the search rankings. This can be purchased during registration or from your member's admin panel. Photo boosted images appear in the top 10 search results and are titled "sponsored photos". They last for a period of one calendar year from the time of being boosted.
Yes, but if you are showcasing an image of an individual without a model release, we recommend – as an act of good faith and community spirit – that you agree to the PAYMENT PLEDGE during your license set-up for that image.
MSC has default prices for different image sizes, but these are recommendations only – members are free to sell their images at any price and keep 100% of the proceeds.
MSC advocates royalty-free images sold without restrictions, since buyers will always prefer royalty-free images.However, members can also sell their images with rights-managed or extended license agreements, which will lead to a sale outside the standard MSC sales interface. If you choose "other" for your licence requirements, the buyer will need to contact you directly to complete sales negotiations via email.
Members who don’t have a personal or business PayPal account yet, can still set up their MSC account and have full functionality. This means you can upload photographs and images as normal, and either offer these for free download or make use of the MSC shopping cart to receive all forms of payments on your behalf. However, since MSC does not have payout information for your account, your sales will be credited to your account without being paid out, until you open a PayPal account.



Anyone wishing to showcase or sell their photos or images on MSC has to register and become a member. Registration is NOT required by visitors who only wish to view and purchase images.
We are different to other photo websites. There are NO controversial credits required to buy images on MyStockCollection! As a buyer, you can pay the seller directly and download the image instantly. MSC takes NO COMMISSION from the seller, so this saving is indirectly passed onto the buyer.
Visitors can provide their email address at the time of download, to receive a copy of the image’s sales data. Alternatively, the invoice page can simply be saved to retain a copy of this data. The invoice includes all the relevant terms & conditions of the image at the time of download, and a sales coupon code that can be used to download the image another 5 times.
Yes, of course. Non-members can also flag an image, but the flagging does not add to the total of flags required to automatically delete an image. A non-member’s flag is for information purposes only and will require the input of a security generated code to control abuse of this function.