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It's all about YOU and showcasing YOUR IMAGES PROFILE

Planned, engineered and meticulously designed over a period of several years, MyStockCollection is dedicated to delivering a superior image sales and showcasing experience


A brief summary of the MyStockCollection AIMS and OBJECTIVES

MSC aims to offer the ULTIMATE image hosting and sales interface to creative photographers, wedding photographers, and graphic artists.

MSC gives the member total control of their own account by not prescreening uploaded images and offering a simple price management interface which allows image prices to be edited at any time.

The most relevant and essential web tools are provided for members accounts. MSC only provides tools that are useful and pertinent. This approach ensures an uncluttered and easy account management workflow.

Showcasing is at the forefront of the MSC design presentation. Each profile and image is displayed with a clean modern design with all relevant information revealed on request. An industry leading full page responsive slide show or optimized image pop out presentation is available for image viewing. Members homepage themes are presented with responsive and modern HTML5 industry leading designs.

MSC focuses on community and interactivity with a dedicated community social network and members forum all backed up by an outstanding member's mobile APP.

MSC uses the very best servers based in Western Europe to host and protect your data and owns the storage hardware outright. MSC does not make use of cloud storage.

A dedicated and professional INTERNATIONAL team

Our team originate from South Africa, Pakistan, Romania, Ireland, UK, Moldova and Colombia.

Jerome Stubbs

Avid travel photographer, founder and CEO

The concept of MSC was born out of frustration and dissatisfaction with traditional image hosting platforms. No other website offered the perfect balance between showcasing, simple licensing, reasonable pricing and a fair commission structure.

Patiently developed over a period of several years, MSC gives visitors access without registration and allows everyone the opportunity to showcase and sell their images with a simple user interface, and an unmatched image showcasing platform while encouraging a sense of advancement and community spirit.

In line with the international trend to move away from large corporate dominance and financial greed, MSC empowers the user and puts its focus on the experience and not overwhelming profit.